Chinese hand-painted wallpaper custom brand "生仁府 ®Sheng Ren Fu"

    The design style of "生仁府 ®Sheng Ren Fu" hand-painted wallpaper is very distinctive, unique custom super beauty art pioneer, emphasizing the aesthetic and luxury. Fully manual process in eighteenth Century China most traditional production, design of each frame and the grand heritage can reproduce the old according to customer requirements, can also create contemporary lively style and fashion.

    Brand Development:

    ◆In December 5, 2002, Mr.Sheng at a British luxury famous indoor hand-painted wallpaper company and served as the Department in charge of one, and once participated in the Chanel team miss COCO perfume advertising background wall, Hurun company, making Estee Lauder counters and other well-known case.

    ◆It was founded in December 5, 2010 its JiaQiRunFu hand-painted wallpaper studio

    The December 2013, joint partner Zhang Shuang to join, and the establishment of the Suzhou Sheng Ren Fu decoration materials Co. Ltd. was founded and registered: "生仁府 ®Sheng Ren Fu" brand

    Today, "生仁府 ®Sheng Ren Fu" hand-painted wallpaper customization was founded four years, although we are not outstanding in the industry but we strive to do Chinese own high-end custom hand-painted wallpaper brand make every China customers can enjoy their culture art products. The company's products in the domestic throughout Hongkong, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou Yunnan, a city and with the domestic well-known Real Estate Company - Wuchang Wanda Regal Palace Hotel project, Liang Zhitian design consulting company Shanghai branch cooperation.

    Brand Advantage:

    "生仁府 ®Sheng Ren Fu" has launched a variety of custom hand-painted wallpaper meticulous collocation, and vivid color and texture of Old French hunting scene to the exotic scenery of Brazil Western Painting Wallpaper. We are not affected by the country, area, time limit, as long as you provide a picture or size and we provide solutions are finalized. We can do for you custom.